Human resource development in the Asia-Pacific region in applying space science and technology for sustainable development of the region, achieved through academic excellence thereby enabling all learners to reach their individual potential.

This endeavourer should result in the development and growth of technically and managerially competent human network, who can use those aspects of space science and technology that could have greater impact on the country’s economic and social development including the preservation of its environment.

The Centre to emerge as a nodal institution in the region which will focus, in addition to education, on specific regional issues of development through close cooperation between the countries, leading to integrated programme of space applications for regional development.

It is our hope that in years to come, no country in the region will have to look abroad for expertise in Space Science & Technology application, but will find them ready at home.

The commitment of the host country is symbolized and embodied in the famous Indian sloka:

It is combined support and co-operation of the host country, the United Nations and the Governing Board members that sets the centre through into the 2000's and makes it an international INSTITUTION OF EXCELLENCE.