More than half the world population lives in the Asia-Pacific region. As a result there is a large pressure on the natural resources of the region. There are widespread concerns about the quality of the environment, ranging from the consequences of climate change on food security and sea-level rise, to loss of biodiversity in marine terrestrial ecosystems and the degradation of land and water resources. Other areas of concern in the Asia-Pacific region relate to the management and mitigation of natural disasters, the occurrence of widespread and persistent poverty, poor education and health care facilities in rural areas, poor physical and communication infrastructure, etc.

Against this background, the major objectives of the Centre are:

  • Develop the skills and knowledge of university educators, environmental research scientists and project personnel in the design, development and application of space science and technology for subsequent application in national and regional development and environment management.
  • Assist educators to develop environmental and atmospheric sciences curricula that they can use to advance the knowledge of their students in their respective Institutions / Countries.
  • To develop skills for satellite communications including those associated with rural development, long distance education, delivery of health services, disaster mitigation, air and maritime navigation, and network / linkage of the region's professionals and scientists.
  • Assist research and application scientists for preparing space-derived information for presentation to the policy and decision makers in-charge of national and regional development programmes.
  • Enhance regional and international cooperation in space science, technology and applications programmes as envisaged in the strategy and action plan adopted under the Beijing declaration on Space Technology applications for environmentally sound and sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific.
  • Assist in disseminating to the general public the value of space science and technology in improving their everyday quality of life.