• SWMIS- System for Weather and Apadaa Management Information for SriLanka

  • Centre has conducted 49 PG courses (20 in Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System (RS & GIS), 10 in Satellite Communications (SATCOM), 9 in Satellite Meteorology & Global Climate (SATMET) and 9 in Space & Atmospheric Science (SAS).

  • From 2015 a new PG course on Global Navigation Satellite Systems has been introduced at SAC, Ahmedabad.

  • CSSTEAP programmes have benefitted around 1864 participants from a total of 35 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to this, 29 participants from 18 countries outside Asia-Pacific region have also been benefitted. PG Courses have benefitted 818 participants while Short Courses have benefitted 852 participants.

  • 142 participants from 16 countries have been awarded M.Tech. Degree in the 4 disciplines (68 participants in RS & GIS; 37 in SATCOM; 18 in SATMET and 19 participants in Space and Atmospheric Science).