Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) play a critical role in telecommunications, land surveying, law enforcement, emergency response, precision agriculture, mining, finance, scientific research and so on. They are used to control computer networks, air traffic, power grids and more. Navigation is becoming an indispensable tool and is now a part of our lives. Global Positioning System (GPS) of United States used to be the only navigation system used for scientific and military applications. However, now-a-days the Positioning and navigation systems are being used extensively for civilian and other applications. As a result many countries are participating in establishing their own global or regional navigation systems. For example, Russian Federation established GLObal NAvigation Satellite System (GLONASS), Europe is developing its own global navigation system called GALILEO and China is working on COMPASS/Bei-Dou. In addition to these global navigation systems, regional navigation systems are under development in India and Japan. Japan is developing its regional navigation system Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS). India is in advanced stage to operationalize its own regional navigation system known as Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS). India has already put four satellites in orbit and is going to complete the 7 satellite constellation of 3 GEO and 4 GSO satellites by 2016.

Now-a-days, satellite navigation is becoming an important and integral part of our daily lives. With almost every mobile phone having navigation application, we no longer depend on the human interaction to find our destination. Combined with the applications like Google maps, satellite positioning finding a destination has become easy and hassle free during the travel. It has become a necessary part of several operations. Different diversified fields such as travel, agriculture, industry, commerce, sports and many other fields are using satellite navigation extensively. Hence, the knowledge of satellite navigation fundamentals, technologies and applications are required for developing nations. At the behest of UNOOSA, the Centre will be offering a new 9-month PG course with integrated M.Tech degree from August 2015 onwards.