Discussion Forum

Welcome to CSSTEAP Discussion Forum

The aim of the CSSTEAP Discussion Forum is to enable our alumni to share knowledge, ideas and experience with one another. A registered user can post questions/queries and can invite a discussion on a topic of interest from other colleagues. The comments or replies to a question can be viewed by others alumni. This forum also avails opportunity to share a scientific, technical material of interest to all alumni.

CSSTEAP invites you and encourages to take part in the Discussion Forum and share your experience and achievements.


  • Every registered alumni will have their panel for post or sharing a topic of interest with fellow colleagues.
  • Will have option to share or post any query to all alumni or a group of alumni.
  • All the topics & their replies from alumni will be posted on the panel date wise
  • Enclosing an attachment (pdf format, max size 1MB)
  • Posting technical questions, remarks to the centre.